Our Projekt

Travel as far as the wheels will take you…

tobi_verenaklTraveling in a wheelchair is quite difficult … WRONG!
If the right infrastructure and helpful assistance are on site, you can go anywhere on holiday.

We, Tobias (wheelchair) and Verena (pedestrian) have repeatedly made that experience on our journeys. We learned especially in developing and emerging countries, that people are extremely hospitable and helpful and are very open and flexible to assist us in managing smaller or larger obstacles. Where just now there were insurmountable stairs, within minutes, a portable wooden ramp was created. Where a ship rail hinders Tobi to get into the water, with some ropes and knots a mobile lift is built. These tools once created, exist to stay – but even more important, the awareness of what is possible with the simplest of means …


Our Vision

This website should present a platform where Wheelchairtravellers can exchange information on accommodation, restaurants and activities gathered from their holiday. Our goal is, to especially present the accessible offer in developing and emerging countries and also to promote travelling into those regions. Further, information material for hotels and restaurants in those countries should make them realize the business opportunities and motivate them to undertake minor adaptations to make their offer accessible for wheelchair travellers. Thus new and sustainable infrastructure for wheelchair travelers and travelers with walking disabilities in developing and emerging countries is created.


Our Team

Tobias Streitferdt - Gründer von Reisen mit Rollstuhl e.V.Tobias Streitferdt

…is the founder of the project … www.wheelchairtraveller.org and takes care of the design, as well as online marketing and consultancy for accessible tourism. He was born in Munich in 1976 and is working for over 10 years in the publishing industry. Due to the genetic disease “progressive muscular dystrophy, type: limb-girdle” he has been confined to a wheelchair since he was 20. However, this has not prevented him to already travel to every continent on this planet.

His slogan: ‘Everything is possible!’

verenaVerena Streitferdt

…is a Co-founder of the project ‘Wheelchairtraveller.org’. The topic of sustainable travel and its development potential is one of her main concerns, with work experience in developing countries since 1997. She took over as the executive manager of the project, providing the content for tourism providers, as well as building up networks in Australia. Her passion for travel and adventure has led us into jungles and deserts that not even many abled humans have travelled so far. Currently she is working on her PhD at the University of Technology in Sydney.

Her slogan: ‘Nothing is impossible’

bul_wctBernhard Ulbrich

…as a longtime friend of the family was the first stop for us when it came to the topic of website programming. He took the lead in the IT infrastructure and website hosting. Bernhard has also traveeled with Tobias to South Africa – which was an unforgettable experience in many ways. He has been working since 2008 as a software engineer for FTI Touristik GmbH in Munich.

His slogan:’There are no errors, but only features.’

heikoHeiko Sudar

…from the moment he got introduced to the idea, he was delighted with the project “wheelchairtraveller.net” and got involved with a lot of enthusiasm and new ideas. The self-employed online project manager and programmer will take care of especially the TYPO3 CMS and the frontend. Thus Heiko is an integral part of the team, without nothing goes.

His slogan: ‘As easy as possible – but not easier!’

inesInes Moritz

……joined with her creativ and positive attitude the project in the beginning of 2013. Working as an independent designer she will assist us with the webdesign and marketing material. The sustainability of her particpation seems secure as she is a 3rd degree cousin of Tobi and Verena. Also she was part of the legendary journey to Bali, where www.wheelchairtraveller.org was born.

Her slogan: ‘Less is sometimes more!’

JuliaJulia Reichert

…was born in Munich, Germany, studied in Vienna, Austria and currently lives in Zürich, Switzerland and works at the theatre there.

Her slogan: ‘I’d rather regret the things I’ve done than regret the things I haven’t done.’

judyJudy Friedlander

… is a media maven who loves and eats words. Having cut her teeth as a section editor and journalist on leading Australian newspapers such as The Sun-Herald, The Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian, she now works as a post-graduate researcher at the University of Technology Sydney’s Institute for Sustainable Futures examining the role of media in contributing to successful environmental campaigns. With sustainable diets as her focus, it is all – dare we say it? – food for thought!

Her slogan: ‘Food for thought!’

Manav Chadha

A motivated Marketing professional and an excellent communicator with experience in Campaigns Management, Digital Marketing, Direct Marketing, Graphic Design, Social Media, SEM & Email Marketing. He has been fortunate to work for reputed brands such as Integrated Comms (Optus), Toys”R”Us, Australian Red Cross and iProspect in a similar marketing capacity with a strong interest in the NGO environment.

His slogan: ‘Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent!’




Our Association Wheelchairtraveller.org

Since 29/05/2013 the project www.wheelchairtraveller.org is a registered charity organization in Germany and approved by the Tax Office Munich.

This allows us to cooperate with other non-profit organizations and build a network. If you want to cooperate with our organization, please send an email to info@wheelchairtraveller.org.

Become a member

Become an active member of the association “wheelchairtraveller.org” and support us actively with your ideas and your commitment! The membership fee is € 30 per year. Please send an email to info@wheelchairtraveller.org.


Donations & Support

Of course, a project like ours also costs money. All of our staff are volunteers, but domains, servers, software, programming and advertising materials must be paid. Thanks to our active members and our sponsors, we have a foundation to fund our project. But as more people find wheelchairtraveller.org eligible and donate, the more we can achieve.


If you have PayPal account, you can easily donate directly through the website.

Bank Account

Feel free to transfer money to the account below:

Name: Reisen mit Rollstuhl e.V.
Kto: 8219756300 | Bankleitzahl 43060967 | GLS Bank
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