Travel information platforms empowers the 20% of the population with mobility, hearing, vision and other accessibility needs to participate in travel and leisure activities. Sometimes lack of information is the only barrier, and getaboutable is here to bridge that gap.

➡️ To is a collection of reviews and information, found through intensive internet research or submitted directly to Wheelchair World, that help wheelchair users and other persons of reduced mobility (PRMs) to be better informed of the accessibility at their destination of choice.

➡️ To is a dutch travel website with information about accessibile tourism in destinations all over the world. The owner Pieter works at the Vlanders and Brussels tourism board and uses a wheelchair himself.

➡️ shows links and information about some European contries and the US.

➡️ presents accessible accommodations in Italy and Croatia.


Travel Blogs is run by John Morris, one of the pioneers of wheelchair traveling and blogging about it. He writes mostly about his home country, the United States. In the meanwhile he also works as an consultant for accessible travel for airlines, hotel chains and governments – a real inspiration for many people with disabilities.

➡️ To lives at the Cote d Azur in France, but travels the whole world with her husband. Her travel blog gives deep insides about the conditions for travelers with disabilities at the destination. ➡️ To