If you want to learn more about the Cambodian arts and culture, the visit of the National Museum behind the Royal Palace is a must. Also the  great shows of the organization “Cambodian Living Arts” starting on 7 pm on a open-air stage are worth a visit. In addition to dance and musical classical Khmer operas are performed. The for Western ears foreign melodies and rhythmic sound of the Gambelan orchester put the audience in almost a kind of meditative trance. Wheelchaira can be in front of the stage as well as – after overcoming a high heel – in front of the first row of seats

During the Pol Pot time around 90 % of all artists – singers , dancers, musicians, painters, writers – were killed or expelled. So the mission of “Cambodian Living Arts” is to revive the art of Khmer to preserve the few remaining plays, music and opera pieces and to train young artists to perform them. So support and enjoy in the same time!