botschafter01Become an Ambassador for Wheelchair traveller and improve the accessibility of tourism destinations for wheelchairtravellers. Often only minimal adjustments are necessary to make an accommodation wheelchair accessible – a wooden ramp, remove the bathroom door and provide a curtain instead to get necessary space . Contribute to make this world accessible to all!

What might be the tasks of an Ambassador?

  1. Be the contact person for wheelchairtravellers, which might want to travel to destinations that you have been to.
  2. Test and evaluate accommodations, restaurants and activities on your journey and make entries on
  3. Advise hotels, restaurant and tourist attraction guides how they can improve their service for wheelchair travellers. We have created a checklist for the evaluation of rooms and resorts. Also we developed an accessibility guide which provides recommendations for adjustments with a low investment.
  4. Hand out Wheelchairtraveller recommendations signs. If a hotel, restaurant or tourism service provider is very engaged and improves his services for the long-term, you can offer them a Wheelchairtraveller recommendation, which they can display wherever they would like – offline and online.

What are the benefits of an Ambassador?

  • Our very special appreciation 🙂
  • An E-mail address with, on which you can be contacted by other wheelchair travellers
  • You will receive info material, recommendation signs and an ID, which certifies you as an Ambassador of Wheelchairtraveller.
  • After your first service you will also become an honorary member of our NGO ‘Reisen mit Rollstuhl e.V.’ and can participate in all our events and member meetings.
  • If you want, we can display your foto and short cv on our website.

Apply now!

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Der Accessibility Report

Beispiel Accesibility Report

Click here to see an excerpt!

Here you can find the checklist and how you can provide to hotels and restaurants a small report how barrier-free their accommodation is and how it could be improved.