Destinations for All Summit (1st to the 2nd October in Brussels)

Overall messages “Rarely have so many tourism professionals from all parts of the world contributed to a single, global conversation,” said Isabelle Ducharme (Co-president of the Summit). Accessible tourism is significant in numbers and in the discussion. Brilliant to connect to people that so far, we met online! Travel network well received and increased from …

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Run – Week 1 training: 3 x 7 km, one speed training and 12 km run

Donate here for Verena’s challenge What a running week….. whilst travelling it is always a  bit of a challenge to keep up your training… my trip to Jakarta this week, even though it was FANTASTIC to be back, also saw some challenges to get my running done…. The week started off with a great run …

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Run for

Donate here for Verena’s challenge 10.000 Euro to relaunch our website! A stark number for a small NGO like However, since we are back from our around the world trip, endless discussion resulted in the fact that we have to make our website more user friendly, so that more people will be inclined to …

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Consultancy for hotels and tour operators

Here you can see how we support hotels and tour operators to make their accommodation and services wheelchair accessible. Where we saw the need for action during our trip we offered free, oral and written advice. We created a so-called Accessibility Report, in which we evaluated the locations with a short checklist and then made …

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Tobias is introducing the project

Here is Tobias presenting the idea behind in a short movie. If you have any questions or comments, please post them on the bottom of this website.

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