Have you ever dreamed of staying on a small island, with palm trees, beach and turquoise blue water? Your dream has become true: Imagination islands is exactly that: 8 rooms and a restaurant with bar over the water is all what there is besides sand, palm trees and water! The paths in between the rooms are sand that was pretty solid in most places and wooden bridges. Wooden ramps were provided for the rooms and to get up to the walkway to the restaurant. Staff were also superhelpful if you need a hand through the sand bits. the corals around the island are amazing and also about 20 m from the restaurants they sank a ship to marvel at by the divers. Another one is a bit further away but also visited by divers from other islands.

Gizo is one of the most remote islands of the solomons. From Australia you can reachthe archipelago via Brisbane and Honiara. There is a 200-foot walk between the international terminal and the national terminal, before you get into a smaller propellermachine (please note: there was no cabin wheelchair- so please make sure when you book to point out that ou need one or be prepared to be lifted in by big Solomon islanders).

From the airport of Gizo it is 10 minutes by boat to the “Imagination Islands”. For wheelchair users, the slightly more expensive bungalows above the water are more suitable. They are more spacious and in the bathroom there is only a small threshold.
Please note that the diesel generator is switched off overnight. Who, like me needs overnight electricity, should communicate that and for me they provided batteries that provided electricity throughout the night.

The restaurant offers simple but fresh food. If the frequent fish-sweet potato combinations become too boring, the manager can gladly accompany you to the market in themorning and you can request other seafood specialities available at the markets.