After hours of drive over bumpy roads you finally reach Banlung in Ratanakiri. The Terres Rouge Lodge is located at one of the two lakes of the city. The rooms are simple but stylish and exude the flair of French-colonial times. Both the standard rooms on the ground floor of the main house and the villas have spacious bathrooms with a wide door and shower or bathtub. The paths are paved with lava stone and not easy to drive with a wheelchair, so we rented ourselves in one of the villas, which are near to the pool. Since the restaurant is on the first floor, we had breakfast and dinner at the pool bar – which turned out to be an advantage enjoying the quiet and cozy atmosphere of the garden. The two wooden steps to the bar I overcame always with the help of the friendly and helpful staff. The menu with Kmher- and International cuisine is really recommendable.

The attractions in Ratanakiri are – from a European perspective – not really accessible for wheelchairs. With the help of our guide and our driver I could easily get into a fishing boat to visit the native villages, visit the nearby Crater Lake and the semi-precious stone mines. After a busy day  I relaxed at the pool having a wonderful foot massage form the spa of the hotel.