Raja Ampat is the place for nature lovers to go diving, kayaking or sailing. I did a diving license a few years ago especially for disabled divers with my sister and since love to go on dive adventures with her. Raja Ampat because of its species diversity and rich coral reefs has been a big dream of ours.

However, finding suitable accommodation in this remote region of eastern Indonesia has not been easy. Finally we found Papua diving and the management of the Papua Diving Sorido Bay Resort was very cooperative. The resort on Kri Island has a large, ground floor bungalow (Kaimana 2) near the main building. The two rooms and the bathroom are very spacious. The terrace borders with the sea.

The house was adapted to my needs. In the bathroom, the shower door was removed and equipped with a simple wooden chair as a shower chair. On the terrace the beach chairs were raised. Wooden planks lead into the sea so that I could transfer into the dive boat with ease. The wood underneath the sink was hindering but after talking with management could also be removed for future guests. Only the toilet is behind a door and could only be reached via a 180-degree turning maneuver.

Meals are usually served on the first floor in the main house. For the sake of simplicity, we had breakfast and lunch in our bungalow. For dinner, a few strong guys from the staff carried me up the stairs. The food was really delicious: in addition to many vegetarian dishes, there was always one fish and meat dish for every meal.

For our dives we got our own boat with a crew consisting of two dive guides, a captain and two assistants who lifted me out of the water with the aid of diving belts. The extra staff was provided free of charge. The biodiversity of the underwater world was really breathtaking. The countless coral reefs are in very good condition and macro wildlife such as big manta rays make ur heart jump. Therefore the multi-day arrival by plane, car and boat was quickly forgotten!

Many thanks to Max, Chris, Jade and the rest of the Sorido Bay Resort team for this great holiday experience and for embarking on a new adventure for a wheelchair traveler!