Lovina, in the North of Bali used to be a popular hippie commune in the 70s. Of course these days are over, but the area that extends over 20 kilometers along the sea is much calmer and more relaxed than Kuta and Denpasar in the south.

The Lovina Bali is an investor model with many condos that are rented to travelers during the owner’s absence. The only difference to a resort are the rooms, that look like appartments with kitchenette and spacious rooms. One of them is wheelchair accessible (B10). The steps at the entrance were replaced by a stone ramp, the walk-way from the terrace leads directly to the pool, which can be accessed via steps. .
The two bathrooms have a shower without steps, the toilets are unfortunately surrounded by walls. We asked to remove one toilet door to have more room. The restaurant also has two small ramps. However, the great view over the rice fields you can only enjoy after being carried up about 15 steps to the upper floor. Other facilities such as beach and Spa can be reached with slight difficulties. But the staff are very friendly and  always willing to help. We will definitely come back!