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Traveling with a wheelchair | Information for travelers with a wheelchair on vacation - Part 3
  • Wheelchairtraveller talking to Ean Price - Video

    Ean Price loves challenges and so he travelled through countries like Japan, Thailand and Cambodia in an electric wheelchair and on a ventilator. In this interview he’s telling us some of his adventures and how we can make the world more accessible for everyone.

  • Travel during Corona Times

    Is wheelchair travelling during Corona Times possible?  Below we have compiled a list of insights in how, despite Corona you could still have amazing travel experiences, locally or virtually.  Hope this will give you some motivation to seek out travel experiences even during these difficult times. Please share your experience with us and Happy travels!

  • Accessible train-tour in Engadin, Switzerland

    COVID- SPECIAL – Travel local! – 12 September 2020 Two close up ‘rolling’ encounters with Engadins (not so) eternal ice – and a UNESCO Heritage Train Ride As I trekked around the Bernina Mountain this summer (I´m an able bodied person) I was blown away by vistas so stunning yet humbling – ‘how small we

  • Belgium, Leuven – Accessible for everbody!

    COVID-SPECIAL – Travel local! – 17 August 2020 Not one art city is like the others. They all combine a rich history and a contemporary buzz, yet all in their own unique way. In Leuven, everyday life is intertwined with the university. Since many centuries, the art city near Brussels has been a mix of

  • Virtual trip in a wheelchair in Los Cardones, Argentina

  • Interview with Nalutporn Krairiksh, a Thai activist for accessibility

    Nalutporn Krairiksh  shares with Wheelchairtraveller.org her passion for wheelchair access in Bangkok, Thailand. Nalutporn Krairiksh, is 28 years old. A human rights activist and journalist at the Prachatai daily web newspaper which is an independent non for profit web based newspaper in Bangkok. She focuses on topics related to disability in her home country Thailand.

  • Handicapped Diving on the Solomon Islands at Gizo

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Interview with Martin Heng, Lonely Planet’s Accessible Travel Manager

Martin Heng shares with wheelchairtraveller.org his passion for visiting countries and regions off the beaten track. Resident in Melbourne, Australia and working for the iconic guidebook publisher Lonely Planet Martin always has been lobbying for services for people with disabilities. He has founded a Blog and a Pinterest account in 2013 to raise awareness on the …

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Verena’s third half marathon – the results!

The event: My third half marathon! Running with 5355 fellow nutscases at 4 am in the morning through an empty Bangkok was an experience I do not want to miss! Getting there was already a challenge. It all seemed a bit unreal… Saturday evening I tried to be in bed by 9 pm to at …

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Run – last week before the race

Donate here for Verena’s challenge Dear Wheelchairtraveller fans and members, Please see below some highlights of the last month’s running training… Hope you enjoy them and please think of me this coming Sunday, 16th of November, when I run the Standard Chartered Bangkok Half marathon, starting at 4am in the morning. If you find that …

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Run – Week 1 training: 3 x 7 km, one speed training and 12 km run

Donate here for Verena’s challenge What a running week….. whilst travelling it is always a  bit of a challenge to keep up your training…..so my trip to Jakarta this week, even though it was FANTASTIC to be back, also saw some challenges to get my running done…. The week started off with a great run …

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Run for Wheelchairtraveller.org

Donate here for Verena’s challenge 10.000 Euro to relaunch our website! A stark number for a small NGO like wheelchairtraveller.org. However, since we are back from our around the world trip, endless discussion resulted in the fact that we have to make our website more user friendly, so that more people will be inclined to …

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Consultancy for hotels and tour operators

Here you can see how we support hotels and tour operators to make their accommodation and services wheelchair accessible. Where we saw the need for action during our trip we offered free, oral and written advice. We created a so-called Accessibility Report, in which we evaluated the locations with a short checklist and then made …

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