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04_Mal_12a_kuching_2The misconception exist that accessible design costs a fortune. But with our vast travel experience in developing and emerging economies we know that with simple and cost-effective means accessibility can be achieved.

Where steps would hinder access, within minutes a portable wooden ramp provides access. Where a ship balustrade hinders access into the water, a mobile lift is built with some ropes and knots that provides access to the water. Many of the newly created tools are made to stay- but even more important that accessibility is possible with the simplest of means.



Handling wheelchair users

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Accessible, sustainable Service


Accessible architecture – “Universal Design”:

“Retrofitting accommodation costs a lot of money and it will look like in a hospital aterwards – Wrong!”

If one thinks ‘Universal Desing’, right from the start, beautiful faciliteis and resorts can be created.

With simple, cost-effective means and adaptations one can also create accessible faciliteis and acommodations within exisiting infrastructures.

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Sustainable tourism service