La Croisette

During the day a stylish café right on the promenade to the Mekong where expats, business people and tourists meet for a coffee or lunch with delicious pizza, pasta and salad. In the evening a popular jazz club with a DJ and live music. Big plus for all wheelchair travellers: the entrance is at ground …

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El Quincho del Tío querido

After an exciting day at the waterfalls of Iguaçu one can again regain strength – with a delicious “Parilla”. Freshly grilled steaks, ribs and loins can be also accommpanied by grilled vegetables, potatoes and rice. Fans of offal should also try lungs (riñones) and blood sausages (morcilla). The terrace and the interior spaces are at …

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Din Tai Fung Kuala Lumpur

The Din Tai Fung in one of the most fashionable shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur is really something special: Small delicious dim sum dishes, topped by steamed dumplings filled with vegetables, fish, meat or truffle. Book in advance, because the Din Tai Fung is most of the time fully booked. Even after booking you have …

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Como en Casa

The small bistro in the Riobamba street provides what it promises: Como en casa (Eat at home) is a comfortable furnished place, with a changing art gallery. But the biggest attraction is their food: Amazing cakes and tarts – most with a bit too much cream – for non-argentinian taste buds. Even though there is …

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Café Moritz

We have visited the cafe Moritz in the city center of Memmingen for lunch on the way back to Munich. Ona sunny day you can sit outside, the room inside is also spacious. At the entrance there is a low level to overcome. The tables are all movable. The food was delicious and not expensive. …

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Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant

The silver hoods, hanging like a snout above the tables, seem for Europeans a bit strange. Among them are the waiters fry and serve the ordered meat and fish right in front of the guests. Side dishes are vegetables, mushrooms, rice or noodles. At some tables you can also sit on the floor, but obviously …

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