Here you can see how we support hotels and tour operators to make their accommodation and services wheelchair accessible. Where we saw the need for action during our trip we offered free, oral and written advice. We created a so-called Accessibility Report, in which we evaluated the locations with a short checklist and then made suggestions for improvement.

rampeThis offer was gladly accepted by many hotels and tour operators. Some hotels were so excited about the project that they already during our stay built ramps, realocated doors and trained their staff. Even if we did pioneer work in most of the countries, as I really was one of the first wheelchair travellers, we did leave a better infrastrucutre behind for others to use    visible by example a sticker, which was awarded to all hotels that made the efforts to make their accommodation wheelchair accessible. 

Below you can read which hotels and tour operators we supported:

Advisory success 2013 – 2014 (PDF)

Of course you will also find the accommdation on