Even though all our members work on a volunteer basis, resources such as domains, server, software, programming and marketing materials cost money. Donations can definitely help!

Thanks to our active members and beneficiaries we have a foundation to run the project. However, the more people provide their support to www.wheelchairtraveller.org , the further we can reach out to reach long lasting change for wheelchair travellers around the world! We can provide tax deductible receipts (in Germany), as we are a registered NGO.

Donate online


Donate via transfer

Here you can find all our bank details und and please provide your postal address to info@wheelchairtraveller.org, so that we can send you a tax-deductable receipt.

Become a Member

If you want to become an active member of Wheelchairtraveller, please send us an email!


Become a beneficiary of our project!

unternehmen-foerdernDo you think the topics travel, support for people with disabilities, inclusion, fit the profile of your company? Do you think your company is interested in CSR measures to support wheelchair traveler? Then please contact us at info@wheelchairtraveller.org  We will gladly assist you to develop a suitable support package.


Host a motivational Talk!

foerderung_vortragTobi (wheelchairuser) and Verena (Pedestrian) went around the world for six months. Thus we have a lot of footage to demonstrate how fantastic wheelchair travel can be! And we provide the service for Free!

All what we expect is that part of the entrance fee can be donated to our NGO and that we can ask for donations during the event.

Please contact us if you are interested:

Write an email to: info@wheelchairtraveller.org


Tired of Birthday presents? We have the perfect birthday gift!

foerderung_spendenboxYou throw a big Birthday party and want to contribute to a good cause? We will provide custom made flyers for your party, Info material, transfer details, a donation box for the evening. Of course we can also present the project, or provide you with a you tube clip. If you are interested please contact us at: info@wheelchairtraveller.org, Tel. +4989955856

Wheelchair traveller (ReisenmitRollstuhel e.V.) is a German registered Non for profit organisation. Thus we can always provide tax-deductible certificates for all our donations.