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Leuven, Belgium – accessible city tour

COVID-SPECIAL – Travel local! – 17 August 2020 Not one art city is like the others. They all combine a rich history and a contemporary buzz, yet all in their own unique way. In Leuven, everyday life is intertwined with the university. Since many centuries, the art city near Brussels has been a mix of old …

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Roseg Glacier

Accessible train-tour in Engadin, Switzerland

COVID- SPECIAL – Travel local! – 12 September 2020 Two close up ‘rolling’ encounters with Engadins (not so) eternal ice – and a UNESCO Heritage Train Ride As I trekked around the Bernina Mountain this summer (I´m an able bodied person) I was blown away by vistas so stunning yet humbling – ‘how small we …

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The Philippines – Accessible and delicious!

In summer 2019 we took a trip to the Philippines – more accessible for wheelchair users as we expected! Our tour took us from Manila to Bohol and Tagaytay. Overall a great adventure with fantastic views, nature sightseeing and delicious food. About my handicap I travel in a foldable active wheelchair, which I cannot manoeuvre …

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An island adventure – The Solomon Islands

About my handicap I travel in a foldable active wheelchair, which I cannot manoeuvre myself. At night, I need an electronic respirator to relieve my lungs. This means that I need access to electricity throughout the night. Furthermore, I need to take several medications daily. Therefore, in the countries that I travel in, it is important that there …

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A Tour with the wheelchair through Cambodia

by Tobias and Verena Streitferdt Duration: 14 days Suggested route: Siem Riep (4 Tage), Battambang (3 Tage), Phnom Phen (7 Tage), Kratie (1 Tage), Ratanakiri (4 Tage) Tour operator on the ground: Cambodian Travel Partners (but you can also organise it yourself) Cambodia is located between Thailand and Vietnam in South East Asia. A civilwar …

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Visit Morocco in a wheelchair

Marrakesh – What a city to visit! By Verena and Tobias Streitferdt Duration: One week being so close to Europe, Morocco is a brilliant travel destination for European Wheelchair travellers. There are many advantages – only a four-hour flight, no visa requirements, with the big plus of being so culturally different. As soon as you …

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